Dog Owner Responsibilities

Dog Owner Responsibilities in Arizona

Phoenix Lawyers Protecting People from Dog Bites

Dogs can make wonderful pets, but even the most seemingly mild-mannered dog can bite someone under the right circumstances. Dog owners have a responsibility to provide the right kind of care for their dogs, and to take actions that prevent dog bites.

The attorneys at Solomon & Relihan, in Phoenix, are dedicated to helping the victims of dog bite injury. As experienced attorneys who have handled many dog bite cases, we know that there are many things that could be done to prevent an attack before it occurs:

  • Comply with local ordinances and “leash laws
  • License the dog with the community
  • Keep the dog’s license up to date
  • Make sure the dog has all vaccinations, including rabies vaccinations
  • Train the dog to obey basic commands
  • Neuter or spay the dog — according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, altered dogs are three times less likely to bite than unaltered dogs
  • Know the dog and be alert for signs of sickness or aggression
  • Spend time with the dog — dogs that are often left alone can develop behavior problems
  • Make sure that dog bites are covered on their owners’ homeowner’s coverage or renter’s insurance

Pet Owner Responsibility After an Animal Attack

Arizona law takes dog owner responsibility seriously. Under the law, if the dog owner has failed to keep their dog’s license and vaccinations up to date, the owner will have to pay for the cost of a 10-day quarantine to make sure that their dog does not have rabies.

Arizona law holds negligent pet owners responsible for the harm caused by their dogs — even if the dog owner didn’t know their dog was vicious, and even if the dog was never vicious before. Under the law, dog owners are responsible for the damages caused by a dog bite.

When you have been injured by a dog bite, talk to the lawyers at Solomon & Relihan about your options. For a free initial consultation, contact our Phoenix law office. Home and hospital visits are available for your convenience.